JAMBO and welcome to the Never A Dull Moment blog!

Brace yourself… Whatever you find here is dedicated to my deeply felt thoughts and robust opinions and any educated research I can source as they pertain to my colorful life and vast experiences. This blog is built with love and knowledge, just enough pain and even more joy. This is an organic space for the free souls and open minds. With the various subject matters, this is a creative rollercoaster on a constant loop.

As for content or focus, most of what you’ll discover here comes from college assignment submissions over the last several years. Ah yes, about that… To quickly summarize, I started college at forty; and seven years later, I’m still going. The end. Well, not quite… Actually, while I am still unstill unsure about my collegiate path, I am certain that the enrichment I gain from all the different writing opportunities has reignited my passion for writing. Of course, I am obligated to write for a grade; however, the extent to which I write is where I take full advantage of my whole experience.

…this is a creative rollercoaster on a constant loop.”

There is rarely a time when my culture is not deeply infused in any given submission. I never miss an opportunity to relate a prompt to a historical reference or current affair. Here’s why: I spent four decades subconsciously conforming to the status quo of academia, employment, personal and public standards. Although my conscious self was performing all the decent moves required for other people’s approval, there was something nudging me. Like a deep itch you can’t scratch. I had so many thoughts and feelings and words that I often spoke to myself but needed to be expressed and shared and illuminated. So, I turned all my college papers, discussions, and posts into my own sounding boards for relief.

Interestingly enough, the feedback and responses to many of my writing toils rendered wild appreciation and thoughtful engagement from professors and classmates alike. I even shared a few beyond the classroom to test a merciless, unrelenting world. That’s when I thought – I didn’t know just yet – that I was on to something.

Over the years, I have revisited the many pieces as if they were the classics, reminiscing, pondering, even rethinking. From books and music to art and history, the wealth of passion and humanity imbued in each piece is intoxicating. Yes, I am opinionated; but I always seek the truth and root my expressions in that. I take full responsibility for my creative contribution to the lives of others and society as a whole.

Yes, I am opinionated; but I always seek the truth and root my expressions in that.”

As a creator, it is my hope to organically inform and inspire those who want exactly that. If you’re looking for something special and a little off the cuff, you are welcome here where there’s never a dull moment!



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